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JA Incrementum provides solutions and adds value for investors, owners and leaders.


Trust & Confidentiality. Small words, enormous meaning.

When we advise, we don’t come with a list of questions, long PowerPoints and fillable forms. Instead, we listen to you without prejudice, blaming, guilt or unnecessary questions. We will have a long discussion filled with reflection and analysing your options together. If we are stuck, we will find a way forward, sometimes by challenging conventional thinking. We are serious professionals, with a long experience and a healthy good grip on life, who have only one goal: to advise you.

The Team

Friends, business partners, mentors, advisers to each other: AKi Peltola & Dr Jules Lajola, the founders.

AKi Peltola interview

Who I am

Hi, my name is AKi and I’m BarcPeople Consulting’s Managing Director. I’m 42 years old Finnish citizen living in Spain in Barcelona since 2006. I’m results driven analytical thinker, a people person with positive mind-set and can-do attitude supported by persistent entrepreneurial spirit. My family consists of my wife Elisa and our 8 years old daughter Mia. Apart from business, my personal interests are arts, gastronomy, padel and golf.

Life knowledge

Over the years I have acquired deep experience in cross-cultural environments by living in Finland, India, Brazil and Spain – from these experiences I bring with me interest to cultures and people, I also believe here comes my strong interpersonal and networking skills. With this in mind, no wonder that my MSc. Economics studies at Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University) combined International Business, Historical Geography and Accounting.


It has been an enriching experience to have been able to work in and with startups, growth companies and F500 corporations in the fields of financial management, investment management, arts, food&wine, aviation and technology. My experiences go from founding a company to growing it, from M&A to integration, and company shutdown – all these phases require a very different set of skills and capabilities, but they all come down to one common success factor – people. I believe my experience has made me ready for my current role; leading the BarcPeople Consulting and its clients to success.

Learned Lessons

Experience in different fields, phases of the organization and organizational levels has taught me that more than skills and capabilities as such, what counts is the attitude and willingness to learn and improve continuously. Even the best in class today, will not be on the top spots in the future without that constant drive forward and will to developed. This is what BarcPeople Consulting is really about.

What I bring to the table

I bring to the table resilient international business executive and entrepreneur, who with good people skills is a nice guy to work with, but with results orientation will make sure that the objectives are met in a timely manner.


AKi Peltola
aki.peltola@barcpeople.com or +34 669 436 214

Dr Jules Lajola
Please have a look who I am on juleslajola.com